Upholstery Cleaning Calgary Faq

Upholstery Cleaning Calgary FAQs

Q: My upholstery is of unknown material. Can you guarantee that your cleaning process is not going to damage it?

A: Our technicians in Calgary are highly trained and experienced. They also test cleaning solution on the part of the upholstery that is not visible; to make sure that there is no adverse reaction.

Q: I have a party tomorrow and my children just spilled juice on the sofa. Can you do an emergency cleaning, today?

A: Yes, you do not need to pre-book upholstery cleaning in Calgary. We will be happy to send our technicians to you right away.

Q: How long does it take for the upholstery to get dry?

A: Our cleaning and drying process leaves your upholstery almost completely dry and you can use it almost immediately.

Q: Are you using any harsh chemicals?

A: No, we are proud of our ‘green cleaning system’. We use oxygenation process, no harsh, toxic chemicals.

Q: Are there any chemical residues in the upholstery after it has been cleaned?

A: No, oxygenation process does not leave any residue. It is perfectly safe even to small babies.

Q: Is your upholstery cleaning process in Calgary safe for fabrics that are marked as ‘dry cleaning only’?

A: Yes, but our technicians will make sure before starting the cleaning process that your upholstery is not sensitive to water, detergent or any other cleaning product they consider suitable.

Q: Can you get rid of pet odors from the upholstery?

A: Yes, just like from your carpets, we have a well-proven method for getting rid of pet odors and pet urine stains.

Q: Can your technician’s advice on how to clean some spots, like tomato juice, ink or lipstick?

A: Our technicians are well trained on removing all types of stains and will be happy to give you tips on how to do spot cleaning between two professional cleaning visits. These tips are also available on our website.

Q: Can you clean all type of stains from my upholstery?

A: Removing stains completely depends very much on the type of upholstery, how old the stain is, what its nature is and whether you have already tried to clean it with some products. If the color of your upholstery is damaged, no cleaning will help completely remove the stain.

Q: How can I make my upholstery stay clean longer?

A: If you have children or pets that like to jump on the upholstery, use slipcovers, or a throw, to protect the fabric. Do not let children climb your sofa in their shoes. It is also important to dust upholstery regularly, to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt.

A: Why is professional upholstery cleaning well than what I can do with commercially available products?

A: Our experienced technicians know the right product for each type of upholstery. Our cleaning method is deep and thorough and it leaves your upholstery not only clean, but disinfected and without any chemical residue.

Q: How often should I professionally clean my upholstery?

Good professional upholstery cleaning in Calgary once a year will prolong the life of your upholstery and it will ensure that it looks as new as long as possible. It is our job to protect your investment.

Q: How should I find good upholstery cleaning service in Calgary?

A: If you already have regular carpet cleaning service, ask them if they also do upholstery. If not, ask your friends and neighbors if they are happy with the upholstery cleaning service they are using. There is nothing like a word of mouth.

Q: Can I use commercially available upholstery cleaning products to spot clean my upholstery?

A: Sure, but check the label on your upholstery for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Not all products are suitable for all types of upholstery.

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