Tile Cleaning Calgary Faq

Q: Why should I use professional tile and grout cleaning?

A: Our professional technicians are very experienced and know how to clean and maintain different types of tiles and what detergents and chemicals to use for best results. We also have machines that can produce much better results than hand cleaning can achieve. You can use spot cleaning occasionally, but there is not replacing thorough, deep professional treatment of your tiles and grout.

Q: Do you use only machines, or sometimes clean tiles by hand?

A: Depending on the type of tiles, and the state of your grout, our technicians decide on the site what would produce best results. While machines are faster and more efficient, sometimes it is necessary to go down on the knees and use old-fashioned hand scrubbing.

Q: What is your normal process for cleaning a tiled floor?

A: The first step is to use a detergent on the entire floor. The reason for that is that detergent loosens the soils and grease and makes the cleaning easier. After that, the whole area is scrubbed with brushes, sometimes with machine and sometimes by hand. The high temperature steam from the machine thoroughly cleans the grout. Once the area is dry, it is ready for re-sealing if needed.  The sealant makes the surface less porous and prone to getting dirty.

Q: How long the whole process last?

A: It should not last more than 2 to 5 hours, depends on size and soil on tile and grout.

Q: Why is tile and grout cleaning so important? After all, I clean the floor every day.

A: The difference clean grout lines make is quite striking, particularly if your tiles are white. The tiles look like new and the whole area looks neat and well-maintained.

Q: How often should I professionally clean my tiles?

A: We recommend to our regular clients to get professional tile cleaning done in Calgary once a year.

Q: How should I choose a professional tile cleaning company in Calgary?

A: If you already have your regular carpet cleaning company that you are happy with, you should ask them if they do tile cleaning as well.

Q: Do your technicians provide advice on how to spot-clean stains on tiles?

A: Absolutely. Our technicians are highly trained and it is part of their job to help you maintain your tiles between their annual visits.

Q: What other services your company provides, when it comes to tiles?

A: Once our technicians come to your home in Calgary, they can remove old grout, replace broken tiles, polish your tiles if they are made of marble, or seal them if they are made of natural stone. They can also recommend cleaning products you should use that are best suited for your particular type of tiles.

Q: What kind of materials your company uses in Calgary?

A: We use all natural products without any volatile organic compounds. They do not leave toxic chemical residue in your home. That means that the whole process will be much less unpleasant with no toxic fumes and smells.


Q: What kind of brushes should I use to clean my tiles?

A: The brushes or cleaning pads for cleaning tiles should not be abrasive, because they can scratch tiles and damage them permanently. This is particularly important if your tiles are made of natural stone.

Q: How should I protect my tiles in Calgary that are made from natural stone?

A: Natural stone tiles should be sealed occasionally, because they are porous, and can easily stain from spilled liquids like tomato source. Areas of high traffic, like corridors and kitchens, should also be sealed, so that they would last longer.

Q: How should I clean my tiled kitchen counter?

A: Kitchen tiles, whether they are on the counter or on the floor, get greasy, so it is important to use de-greasing detergent.  Sometimes a good dish-washing detergent will do the job, but only if the grout is well-sealed. If the grout is not sealed, the bacteria will penetrate the porous grout and make it almost impossible to clean. Talk to our technicians in Calgary when they come for your annual tile cleaning and ask them for advice on your particular type of tiles.

Q: Can your technicians in Calgary clean the tiles in my office in the evening, or overnight, when the staff is away?

A: We are completely flexible and are happy to accommodate our clients regarding the most suitable time for tile cleaning.

Q: Can you clean very large area?

A: We have professional equipment that can clean tiled room of any size in a relatively short time. Call our office to give you an idea how long it would take to clean the area of your size.

Q: Why are some tile cleaning companies in Calgary so much cheaper than yours?

A: Our prices are very competitive and are not the highest in Calgary. Be careful with companies that offer very low prices, that probably means that they use cheap, often toxic, materials and do not offer. Real deep and thorough cleaning.

Q: How can I find a good professional tile cleaning company in Calgary?

A: As usual, the word of mouth is the best. Ask your friends and neighbors if they are happy with their tile cleaning company. Also, if you are already using a company for cleaning your carpets, ask them if they also clean tiles.

Q: Can you guarantee that you will clean all the stains on my tiles or grout in Calgary?

A: We can guarantee that we will do the best job possible, but if the stains were left untreated for very long time, in some cases the damage is permanent. We can replace grout with the new one, but in some cases it is impossible to remove stains from tiles made of natural stone.

Q: Can you remove scratches from my porcelain tiles?

A: Unfortunately, once scratched, glazed porcelain tiles cannot be repaired. If you have some tiles left from the time they were installed, our technicians will be happy to replace the scratched ones.

Q: Someone told me to clean my porcelain tiles with vinegar and water. Is that a good idea?

Vinegar is acidic and can permanently damage the glaze on your porcelain tiles. You are much better off using regular tile cleaner available in any grocery store.


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