Stain Removal Calgary Faq

Carpet and Upholstery Stain Removal Calgary FAQ

Q: Do you offer same day carpet stain removal in Calgary?

A: Yes, it will be our pleasure to send our technicians immediately if you have emergency.

Q: Do you guarantee that you will remove all types of stains from my carpet?

A: We have very good rate of success with removing stains from carpets and our technicians are very experienced. Nevertheless, some stains are more difficult to remove than others, particularly if they are old, or have been treated by you with a wrong product. We can guarantee that we will do better job than all our competitors.

Q: What are the most difficult stains to remove?

A: All stains that contain red dye are very difficult to remove. Surprisingly, mustard is one of the most difficult stains to get rid of.

Q: Can you neutralize pet odor from the carpet?

A: We have specially trained technicians to deal with pet stains and pet odor.

Q: What other services you provide when you come to remove pet stains and pet odor?

A: We clean the stain with the appropriate cleaning product, we disinfect and deodorize the spot and we apply protecting agent, in order to keep your carpet clean longer.

Q: What are my chances of removing blood Stain from my carpet?

A: If you did not try to clean the stain with hot water or alkaline cleaning products, we are 75 percent sure to be able to clean the stain.

Q: My guests spilled coffee on my sofa. Can it be cleaned?

A: If coffee was hot, the chances are slim. The heat fixes the caffeine color into the fabric.  If it was not hot, the chances of getting rid of stain are pretty good.

Q: What kind of products you use to remove stains from carpets in Calgary?

A: The product depends very much on the type of stain and the kind of carpet. We always test the cleaning solution on the hidden part of the carpet to ensure that the solution will not damage the fiber.

Q: How fast after cleaning the stain from my carpet I can walk on it?

We try to remove most of the liquid used to clean stains, and you can walk on it in about half hour.

Q: Is there any mess left after your technicians finish cleaning stains from my carpet?

Our technicians are trained to leave the room spotless.

A: Should I ventilate the room after stain removal process in Calgary?

It depends on the cleaning solution used. Our technicians will advise you if the room should be well ventilated after the cleaning.

Q: Do you use toxic and dangerous cleaning solutions to remove stains?

We do our best to use environmentally safe cleaning products and we guarantee that our products will not leave any harmful residue.

Q: My carpet is new and still has Scotch Guard on it. Will it protect it from stains?

Yes, that is the main purpose of applying Scotch Guard protection on carpets. We also offer to protect your carpet with Scotch Guard after cleaning it.

Q: Do you charge extra for spot removal when you come for regular carpet cleaning in Calgary?

A: Spot cleaning is including in the regular carpet cleaning. Set stains on the carpet, which require special treatment, might require extra payment. Our technicians will advise you after they examine your carpet, before they start cleaning it.

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