Odor Removal Calgary Faq

Carpet and Upholstery Odor Removal FAQs

Q: Can you guarantee that you will remove pet odor from my carpet?

A: Pet odor in homes is common problem and we can easily remove pet odor from the carpet, if pet urine did not penetrate into the carpet padding and below. If it seeped into the sub-floor, you have bigger problem than just cleaning your carpet.

Q: How do you remove odor from carpets?

A: We start by deep cleaning of the carpet, using our oxygenation process. This is followed by the application of disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers and Scotch guard.

Q: Do you offer same day service?

A: Yes, we will send our crew immediately if you are having a party or wish to get rid of bad odor of your carpet as soon as possible.

Q: Why do you need to use disinfectant when eliminating odor from the carpet in Calgary?

A: Many stains provide good breeding ground for bacteria, which cause carpet not only to smell bad, but to be dangerous for the health of your family. Disinfectant ensures that the bacteria, and the odor, are eliminated together.

Q: Can you eliminate odor from carpet in Calgary, without actually cleaning the carpet?

A: Deodorizing carpet will mask the odor, but it will not eliminate it. By cleaning carpet we eliminate causes of bad odor, like pet stains or other type of stains that help bacteria thrive.

Q: Can you remove odor from my silk upholstery?

We provide excellent upholstery cleaning service which ensures that bad odor is eliminated as well.

Q: What kind of chemicals you use for odor removal in Calgary?

A: We use only the environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaning and odor removal solutions. They leave no harmful residue.

Q: My carpet does not have any stains, but it still smells bad. What should I do?

A: In order to look and smell clean, carpet requires regular cleaning and maintenance. We suggest deep cleaning every six months. Not only that your carpet will smell good, but deep carpet cleaning in Calgary will prolong the life of your valuable possession.

Q: Can you remove odor from my car upholstery in Calgary?

A: Yes, we clean and remove odor not only from upholstery in your home, but in your car or boat.

Q: Should I mention that I have odor problem in my carpet when I am booking your crew for carpet cleaning?

A: It is good idea to specify all services you need before our crew comes to your home, so that they can bring necessary materials. But, even if you do not mention it, odor removal is a part of our deep carpet cleaning process in Calgary.

Q: Can you remove mildew odor from my carpet in the basement?

A: Yes, our deep carpet cleaning will remove mildew odor from your carpet. We will also apply disinfectant and deodorizer to the carpet once it is clean.

Q: I had my carpet cleaned recently, but my house still smells of pet urine. Why?

A: Pet urine has to be cleaned as soon as possible after the accident happens, to prevent it from seeping through the carpet into the padding or into the sub-floor. Old stains are very hard to remove and odor lingers in the whole house even after the carpet has been cleaned.

Q: We have just moved into the new home and it smells on stale cigarette smoke. What can you do to help?

A: We suggest deep cleaning of all soft surfaces, especially carpets. Walls should be washed as well, and if possible, covered with a coat of fresh paint.

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